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Slot Tournament Promo Action at
CASINO FLAMINGO – Czech Republic

Avangard Technology was approached by Casino Flamingo management and asked to organize a slot tournament on 5.12.2008. They currently possess 15 of our slot machines and have been pleased with their results so far. This genuine satisfaction also extends to their customers therefore Casino Flamingo management thought it most appropriate that our company organize the slot tournament.

Therefore, as part of our promotion efforts towards Casino Flamingo, our Prague based office brought in 6 Gemini Series slot machines of the following:

The Tournament Procedures

Each player was given 1000 credits to play with for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes were over, a casino technician input the results into the system which then displayed the top 5 on the large LCD screen.

Gaming Satisfaction

The tournament proved to be very popular with a large turnout of approximately 80 people. Players however, seemed to have a distinct preference for GOLDEN BIRD and when questioned why, they pointed out that the 100 winning lines was what attracted them.

Overall Conclusion

The tournament was a success with a large turnout of players. Both Casino Flamingo management and their customers were satisfied with the results and furthermore, the GOLDEN BIRD generated positive feedback from the two parties.