Avangard Technology


Wide variety of new class gaming products for Central European markets

In accordance with its philosophy of creating a diverse range of high quality products, which bring more entertainment to players and more revenues to casinos, Casino Technology is introducing the Czech audience to some innovative solutions within the videoslot games and slot machines array.

At the 'World of Entertainment' show in Prague, the company is demonstrating their new luxury slot machine series, 'Gemini', along with a range of videoslot games corresponding to the current trends in the Central European casino market, including territories of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Germany.  

Gemini is a compelling dual screen automat, offering players great fun and interaction, resulting in longer play. The presence of ergonomic features such as an armrest, handles, touch-screens and high quality graphics and sound, enhances the player's comfort. Additional technical improvements provide operators with better serviceability and minimum downtime. The model features a plug and play CPU unit supporting different gaming platforms, player tracking system, Ticket In/ Ticket Out, and supports several types of JCM bill acceptors.

All new releases from the company, and many of the most popular games including Ice Fishing, Hit Radio and Gold of Babylon, are now offered in their updated versions as products from Gemini range.
Gamopolis The new multi-game Gamopolis, exclusively developed for Gemini cabinets combines 4 video slots with poker games, providing simple concepts and higher risk bets, appealing to the audience in Central Europe. The other new games, including Lucky Kingdom, Purple Hot, Milady, Money For Nothing and Traffic feature vivid graphics, attractive winning combinations and a second video screen - all of which add more appeal and interaction to the game. An important detail is that Traffic is based on the new PC gaming platform Atlas. Custom developed for Casino Technology, it allows higher quality graphics and stereo sound.
Every video-slot will be presented at the Prague show in all of its versions - each certified for different market segments, including Czech: Casino and Herna, Hungary: Category I and II, Austria as well as the International version.
The 'World of Entertainment' visitors will also see the popular Casino Prince system, which has proven very successful in the Czech Republic. The system consists of remote touch-screen betting terminals, linked to a live roulette wheel. It is renowned for its many functional advantages and modular design, offering increased flexibility in utilizing the casino space. Over the last few years it has been installed in many live casinos around Central and Eastern Europe and recently a new installation was made at Casino Grand in Brno, operated by Czech Casinos.