Avangard Technology


Casino Technology opens new office in Czech Republic

Over the last year Casino Technology focused their activities towards Central and Western Europe and managed to build up a new business structure with a centre in Vienna, Austria. As a natural step forward a new associate company 'Avangard Technology - Czech Republic' was recently opened in Prague. A cocktail party was held on October 19th, during the 'Forbes 2005' exhibition in Prague, the celebrate opening of the new office.

The newly created branch will work in close cooperation with the local offices in Budapest and Vienna with the strategic aim to develop new markets in Czech Republic, Poland, Germany as well as other European countries.

Headed by a young manager Ivan Zoumpalov, the main priority of the new branch is to provide permanent customer support for local clients. The ambition of Casino Technology is also to provide its clients with the latest upgrade versions of its games, covering the whole range of casino and street sectors, as well as automatic roulette systems. To further help customers a flexible sales policy has been established, including sales on lease or profit share participation and other individually tailored solutions.

Another of the fundamental activities of the branch will be the new technology center in Prague. The team of experienced specialists is leaded by Jan Kopa, well known locally with more than 15 years of experience with gaming machines and roulettes. This team is responsible not only for providing reliable technical service and support but also for developing innovative engineering concepts for Casino Technology products to be introduced in the whole of Central and Western Europe.

With the favorable business climate, determined by the Czech market and legislation Casino Technology is soon looking forward to see its new branch become a key part of its Central European structure.