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GAMOPOLIS wins the Czech market


Casino Technology products face growing popularity in Central Europe. Since the establishment of Casino Technology’s local subsidiary two years ago in Prague they have been supplying the Czech clients with the latest versions of their games, covering both casino and street sectors.

Since its launch in 2006 the multi-game GAMOPOLIS quickly became the best selling Casino Technology product on the Czech market. It includes 4 original video slots and a video poker, all games featuring clear classic schemes and higher risk bets. Now the product is certified for all gaming categories, including ‘Herna’, ‘Casino CZK’ and ‘Casino EUR’. GAMOPOLIS has been successfully installed, and is fast becoming a favourite amongst players in the Czech Republic. Some of the biggest operators, including Czech Casinos, Merkur and Super Slots have voiced their satisfaction on the performance of this product in their locations.

Continuing with the same successful concept at the beginning of 2007
Casino Technology launched their new multi-game series MULTI GEMINI 1, MULTI GEMINI 2, and MULTI GEMINI 3. The product, which is under pending certification, has been developed on a module base. Each version of the Multi Gemini series represents a different game mix of the current best performing video-slots from
Casino Technology.

The GEMINI range of original video slots, which continuously grows bigger with the addition of new releases every month is now developed for ‘Casino EUR’ category, including some of the best performers like SILK QUEST, GOLDEN ELEPHANT, COFFEE MAGIC, FULL OF JEWELS, MILADY, GOLD OF BABYLON,MONEY FOR NOTHING, TRAFFIC and PURPLE HOT. The GEMINI collection includes classic collect credit bonuses, free spins with multiplier features high volatility games, with the opportunity for riskier bets and higher wins as well as low-volatility games appealing to players who enjoy long varied games focusing on bonuses and interaction. GEMINI range is available in the hi-end dual monitor GEMINI cabinet as well as in the single monitor APOLLO cabinet. Introducing a set of ergonomic features and multifunctional construction both products provide exclusive players comfort and operators serviceability.

Casino Technology will be demonstrating their complete range of video slot products at WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT show in Prague at their stand No 17. All products including the variations for different territories in Central Europe, including Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria, as well as International versions will be on display.