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Gamopolis slots tournaments draws players to casinos

Since its launch in 2006 GAMOPOLIS multi-game quickly became one the best selling Casino Technology products on Central European market. In order to enhance its performance and familiarise players with the game Casino Technology co-organised a series of slot tournaments in some of the most popular gaming sites in Czech and Hungary.

The first tournaments started a couple of months ago at the locations of American Chance Casino group in Dolni Dvoriste and Czeska Kubica. The number of participants from the first two events reached 800 and the total prize value exceeded 10 000 EUR. The lucky winners received travel vouchers of 2000 EUR each, the winners could use towards realizing their dream holidays in Tenerife and Croatia.

Continuing their success with this promotion the Casino Technology’s Central European team (based in Vienna, Austria) proceeded to Hungary where they held series of tournaments in Memphis Gaming halls, operated by Laurus group.

A 2-day tournament was held at Memphis hall in Miskolc Plaza at the beginning of May and again GAMOPOLIS exciting games and bonus features proved to be an enormous hit with players. The participants competed for a fantastic array of prizes in an exciting party atmosphere. The luckiest ones won travel vouchers, a huge plasma screen and a camera. Future tournaments will soon be held in Memphis Gaming Halls in Pécs and Kaposvár.

Casino Technology Sales manager Konrad Gill said: “We regard the GAMOPOLIS slot-tournament as a very good tool to introduce and familiarize players with this exciting product. Our experience shows that the integration of new machines onto the slot floor proceeds with greater ease after such promotional events, and we are ready to assist all our customers with same service in order to introduce more new products to the players.”

The multi-game GAMOPOLIS features 5 games with clear classic schemes and higher risk bets. The product is available in the luxury dual-monitor GEMINI cabinet with an option to be linked to the impressive QUATRO CASH MANIA multi-level JP system, for additional player’s appeal and attraction. Now the product is certified for all gaming categories in Czech republic, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia.