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In the process of creation and development of high performing video slot games our game design team takes into account a number of essential factors that underlie the game:

  • Variety of themes and concepts
  • Intriguing and innovative mathematical models
  • Intuitive gaming scheme capable to keep players attention longer
  • Appealing colours, high quality graphics and sound
  • Interactivity
  • User-friendly interface

As a result we can offer to our clients a comprehensive set of games, suitable to different categories of players, different sizes of casinos and gaming arcades, specific preferences and market needs.

Here you will find our latest innovative video slot developments, along with a large choice of multi-games and a list of classic titles from the company’s library, many of which became top performers.

Our video-slot collection has now been enlarged with new generation games on a PC-based platform providing enhanced quality graphics and a high level of interaction, along with multi-channel stereo sound, which exploit in full the advantages of the hi-end dual-monitor GEMINI cabinet and cater for all player categories from low-denomination to VIP customers.


SAS 6.xx

Credit multi-denomination

An option that allows the credit value per bet to be chosen by the player, thereby providing the option to play with a different credit at the same slot machine and providing opportunity for operators to use the same video slot for different categories of players.

SAS 6.xx

SAS compatibility

SAS is commonly accepted international protocol that allows network connectivity and communication of the video slot games with casino management systems.

Gemini Series

Second screen support

The second screen feature provides varied additional options, such as on-screen current pay table, game help screen or ‘Attract mode’ with animation, increasing the appeal and interactive feel of the game. All releases from the GEMINI SERIES support a second screen feature.

Double-up feature

Additional double-up card game, available in several modes: High/Low, High/Low/Collect, or Black/Red.


Featured games support several types of jackpots, including:


Quatro Cash Mania multi-level jackpot

Stand Alone Progressive jackpot

Stand Alone Progressive jackpot

Linked Mystery jackpot

Linked Mystery jackpot *

Linked Progressive jackpot

Linked Progressive jackpot *

* Using Casino Technology proprietary jackpot controllers

Gaming platform

Two types of custom gaming hardware platforms based on the latest technological solutions, providing for high level of security, reliable performance, and quality graphics and sound.


Regulatory agencies and laboratories approvals, ensuring compliance with the local and international legal and technical requirements and regulations. For more details, please contact: compliance@casino-technology.com.