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Casino Technology’s product range includes two different types of Automatic Roulette systems: CASINO KING - fully automated electronic roulettes, and CASINO PRINCE – a system for electronic placement of bets and a semi-automatic live roulette wheel.

The innovative concept implemented in the development and design of these products provides the following advantages to casino operators:

  • Multiple betting options and high player appeal
  • Continuous high-speed play and longer player time
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased reliability and management control
  • Flexibility and functionality in utilizing casino space
  • Efficient operators serviceability

And now we are introducing our latest innovation in the roulette product range – the new grand-piano roulette PLAYME. Its state-of-the art design uses all the advanced features of terminal multiplayer technology, implemented into unique product, which allows the players to fully enjoy their time in the casino.

Automatic roulette PlayMe
Automatic roulette Casino King
Casino KING
Semi-automatic roulette Casino Prince