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Semi-automatic roulette Casino Prince

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CASINO PRINCE is a semi-automatic Roulette system featuring electronic betting through terminals type linked to a classic roulette wheel operated by a dealer.


Semi-Automatic roulette wheel

The roulette wheel used in Casino Prince is a semi-automatic classic roulette wheel, where built-in optical sensors detect and follow the rotation of the ball from the time the dealer starts the game by throwing the ball, to the automatic detection of the winning number at the end of the game.
The optical sensors detect not only the rotation of the ball, but also the speed of the rotation, important for the announcement of last bets and automatic bet cut off, preventing late bets.

Betting terminals


Bets are placed electronically on individual ‘7900 Prince’ betting terminals with built in touch screen monitors. The design has been developed for both Single Zero ‘European’ or ‘French’ roulette, and Double Zero ‘American’ roulette, and allows the placing of traditional bets (on a chosen number) as well as making of block combinations - known in the classic roulette game as call bets.

The terminals are multilingual and the touch-screen monitors have an improved interface with different skins, selectable by the player. Equipped with a range of facilities, which enhances player comfort, including leather armrests, ashtray, and cup holder, their ergonomic design also allows a spacious and comfortable playing position and a natural monitor viewing angle. As an additional facility, the start of a new game, the end of betting and the winning number can be announced on the terminal in a pleasant female voice.


The modular design of Casino Prince allows a range of flexible and functional solutions in utilizing casino space. The option of linking up to 250 stand-alone electronic betting terminals (‘7900 Prince’) to one or more wheels, allows unlimited possibilities when choosing configurations, according to the needs of any casino interior.

Control, Security and accounting systems

Security and surveillance with Casino Prince are achieved with built-in digital cameras recording a specially developed record tracking each game. Each game is recorded and kept in an archive storing the last 10,000 games. If necessary this number can easily be increased. Management information flow is enhanced by the capability of on-line and video monitoring of the game with real time bet tracking for each terminal and an extensive array of statistics and reports.

The latest technological advancements featured in industrial computers and networks are used in the engineering design of Casino Prince. A major criterion in the selection of the components used is high reliability, ensuring continuous operation. The system is equipped with uninterruptible power supplies, and all critical functions are duplicated ensuring adequate redundancy for continuous operation.