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Elegant, intelligent, modern! GEMINI SENSA is coming providing more comprehensive solutions for players.
A range of innovative improvements ensures better visual presentation, accessibility and multi-functional user-friendly environment, consistent with natural ergonomics.

GEMINI SENSA has been developed based on analysis of players’ requirements, research and customer feedback from thousands of GEMINI units around the world.

The new development keeps the essential ‘musts’ of GEMINI series, including easy serviceability and maintenance, along with player comfort and ergonomics, but GEMINI SENSA also makes a huge jump ahead in player entertainment and enhanced user features.

Basic Features and Options:

  • Dual 16:10 Panorama LCD display
  • 3rd 7 ” Auxiliary display
  • Touch screen
  • Bill acceptors
  • Coin acceptor and hopper
  • Cashless system ready *
  • Printer ready

* The cabinet has the option for completing with player-tracking and cashless modules from the most popular systems.

The most important innovation, a first in the gaming industry, is the innovative ‘Crystal touch’ sensor keyboard buttons, ensuring instant player control and user-friendly intuitive play. Panorama LCD displays provide better viewing area for greater visual impact; a 3rd auxiliary monitor provides a real-time entertainment broadcast; an improved stereo sound system focuses the sound towards the player, limiting the accidental noise interference to adjacent automats, and many other great features allow the player to enjoy the game and to receive enhanced sensations during the play.

Elegant and stylish, the new cabinet keeps the feel of the classic GEMINI but improved with more exquisite lines, beautiful appearance, and light construction. Although fitted with more devices and improvements, thanks to the smart engineering solutions GEMINI SENSA takes less space on the casino floor, standing out among the other slots and bringing magnificent, luxurious appearance of any type of casino premises.

Slot machine Gemini Sensa - details

Advanced features and options:

  • Crystal touch sensor buttons – A BRAND NEW INNOVATION IN THE CASINO INDUSTRY!
  • Panorama LCD displays – NEW!
  • Auxiliary display for more entertainment – NEW!
  • Directed Sound System 2.0 – NEW!
  • Ergonomic keyboard button placement – NEW!
  • Plug and play CPU unit supporting different gaming platforms
  • Universal harness and backplane

Gemini Sensa Leaflet:

Gemini Sensa.pdf ( 672 KB)

Gemini Sensa Brochure:

Gemini Sensa.pdf ( 121 KB)