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Volatility: 5 of 5
15 reels, 25 winning lines with two additional bonus diagonals
Free games mode and bonus diagonals feature with super high wins
New graphic feature – ‘real reel’ rotation effect
New video slot concept – multi-slot
Payout percentage: 87.80% / 88.70%/ 89.75% / 90.95 % / 92.20 % / 93.85% / 94.90%
Top award base game x bet x line: 10 000
Top Award bonus diagonal x bet x line: 100 000

Gemini Series Gemini Series
Credit multi denominationSAS 6.xx
SAS 6.01 compatibilitySAS 6.xx
Jackpots: QCMQCM, Linked MysteryLinked Mystery, Linked ProgressiveLinked Progressive, SAPSAP
Gaming platform: AtlasAtlas

X-Win Main Screen
Main Screen
X-Win Pay Table
Pay Table
X-Win Free Games
Free Games

Symbols and bonus features description:

  • Jackpot symbol – 3 x on active line on any of mini-slots pays max win or Jackpot at max bet and credit denomination
  • New multi-slot concept - the main screen is divided on 5 ‘mini-slots’, each one featuring per 3 reels and 5 winning lines. By pressing the Start button the player spins simultaneously all the reels from the 5 mini-slots and he collects the wins from all mini-slots respectively
  • Special feature - Bonus diagonal wins: if the player plays on max number of lines, the two cross bonus diagonals are activated with a chance for super high wins
  • Free games mode
  • Language support: English, Spanish, Russian

New feature - Bonus diagonals

When playing on a max number of lines, the two cross bonus diagonals are activated. Each bonus diagonal is formed by the diagonals of the three mini-slots, situated diagonally at the main screen. If 9 identical symbols appear on any of the bonus diagonals, the player can get one of the following wins: 50 000 x Bet per line or 100 000 x Bet per line.

Free games mode

The player gets 12 free games initially. All free games wins are multiplied by 3, including bonus diagonal wins. If 5 scatters appear once again during the free games, the player gets 12 additional free games.

X-Win X-Win

X-Win publication

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